Tatyana Zen is a Russian-American visual artist,  best known for her stunning Celebrity Portraits and use of real precious gemstones in her large-scale oil paintings. Tatyana has firmly established herself as a contemporary Portrait painter, continuing tradition of the Old Masters. Her art fuses Pop Culture with Modern Spirituality rendering familiar subjects in a contemporary provocative light.  Her art explores human emotions, alter-egos and depths of consciousness with a twist of humor. Using color and light as allies, her artwork dazzles and excites the senses. Would it be possible to combine Passion, Beauty and Comedy and create something that people would enjoy for hundreds of years? Tatyana’s artworks tries to answer that question.

“Above all, art must be fun and elicit elevated emotions, like touching Heaven.”

Tatyana’s paintings exhibit amazing effects of light, shadow, color and the natural beauty that she sees in every human soul. Spiritual Cosmology and the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics inspire her figurative works, exploring the concept of Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.  Dreams, symbols, archetypes, mythology, religions and philology are all intertwined in Tatyana’s artwork, focused to stimulate viewer’s subconscious, the source of creativity, intuition, inspiration, inner knowing, interconnectedness, and spiritual enlightenment.

Her Subjects are actors, scientists, politicians, rock stars, as well as neighbors and friends. As a dog lover, she believes that all animals are sentient, and her Animal Portraits collection celebrates their contribution to human evolution.

Her portrait works invite the viewer to glimpse into the soul as a well of emotions and vibrations. Following in the footsteps of renown portrait painters like Leonardo, Rembrandt, Raphael, Diego Velazquez and Sargent, Tatyana’s passion for painting is fueled by her fascination with human Figure, Face and Mind.  Tatyana’s paintings speak for themselves – introspective, elegant and mysterious, exciting and bold, these painting capture a feeling of Home, a sense of belonging in the Universe, and the magic of Light.