Shine Your Light


Shine Your Light

  • Inspired by Gomang Monks visiting Laguna Beach, CA
  • Original oil on canvas painting
  • Art Size: 24 x 48 inch
  • Embellished with gold leaf


Inspired by Tibetan Monks

Inspired by the Gomang Monks visiting Laguna Beach on their Sacred Tibetan Arts tour, this tranquil and mesmerising painting shows a procession of  monks, fading into the setting sun. The faint outlines of soaring monasteries and temples echo the mountain ranges, as the splendor of the Golden hour is reflected on the glass surface of the pond.  The setting sun catches the monk’s orange robes on fire. Beautiful young woman emerges in the foreground shining her light.

Tatyana was lucky to meet the monks during their 2019 tour hosted by the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach, CA. Even though most of them were not conversant in English, their message was written in their eyes, shining with love and compassion.

Experience now a future that is without violence;
a future of worldwide compassion,
a future full of wisdom of open hearts and;
a future that places the highest appreciation
on the value of a healthy universe and
our ever-connectedness.—Gomang Monks

Painting Process

Tatyana’s creative process is fluid and intuitive, allowing the painting to develop without a rigid plan. Tatyana was fortunate to learn directly from the Old Masters by making replicas as a copyist at the National Gallery of Art. She has developed her own glazing technique, giving her oil paintings luminosity and depth of color, reminiscent of the Baroque and Renaissance masters.  What is unique about her works is the use of natural materials, from plants & feathers to diamonds & gold.  This painting is embellished with gold leaf.

About the Artist

Tatyana Zen is a Russian-American visual artist, best known for her Celebrity Portraits. Classically trained, she has established herself as a contemporary portrait painter inspired by the Old Masters. Tatyana’s Imaginative Realism oil paintings fuse Pop Culture with Modern Spirituality rendering familiar subjects in a new provocative light. Using color, dramatic light, precious gemstones and exquisite glazing technique, her larger-than-life portraits dazzle and excite! Read About Tatyana Zen


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