Laguna Presbyterian Church


Laguna Presbyterian Church
Original oil on canvas painting
Custom Artisan Frame included
Art Size: 24 x 24 inch
Frame Size: 29 x 29 inch


Laguna Presbyterian Church

This 100-year-old Spanish mission style building stands proud in the heart of Laguna Beach in Southern California,  home to Laguna Presbyterian Church. 

This 1927 Spanish Revival Church captures the eye with its bright white exterior, red-tiled roof and beautiful stained glass windows. A rose garden, shaded benches and covered patio invite to relax and enjoy the service. Home to 1,500 visitors, this longtime landmark is an active church and a place for worship, music and weddings and a peaceful place to visit.

Painting Process

Tatyana’s creative process is fluid and intuitive, up until the last moment, everything could change. She works methodically, but passionately, not settling until it feels perfect, some paintings taking years to complete. A prolific painter, similar to her master teachers, Tatyana has many paintings in progress, waiting for the inspiration to progress to the next step.  She uses quality professional oil paints, like Gamblin, Winsor & Newton and Da Vinci and favors Fredrix linen canvas.

Tatyana uses the Old Master’s techniques she’s learned while making replicas at the National Gallery of Art, giving her large scale oil paintings luminosity and depth of color.



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