Brandi Marion Portrait


Brandi Marion Portrait
Original oil on canvas painting
36 x 36 inch
Embellished with real diamonds, rubies and gold leaf
Real Butterfly Wings



When I came across Brandi Marion photos shot by a talented photographer Young Cannon, I was immediately fascinated by her demure beauty. I saw so much power, wisdom and feminine magnetism, that I had to paint her!

Painting Process

Tatyana’s creative process is intuitive, without a rigid plan. She lets her paintings develop as the inspiration leads.  Tatyana was fortunate to learn directly from the great masters by making replicas at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. She’s developed an exquisite glazing technique that gives her large-scale oil paintings luminosity and depth.

Tatyana uses various natural materials and precious gemstones in her oil paintings to create stunning texture and light effects. Dried up flowers, plants, insects, leaves, shels, fur, animal bones and feathers add their unique qualities. This painting is richly embellished with numerous small real faceted Diamonds, Rubies and Gold leaf, true conversation piece suited for sophisticated art collectors.

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