From large scale impact pieces for commercial projects, to personal custom works, Tatyana welcomes your custom art commissions! Artwork created specifically for you is even more meaningful and can fit your exact specifications. You don’t have to be Peggy Guggenheim to create your art collection, you can acquire watercolors and miniature oil paintings under $500.

How It Works

1. Submit Your Commission Request

Provide your contact information, the artist you are interested in commissioning (or if you would like help selecting one), and a few details about what type of commission you are looking for. Size, Medium (Oil or Watercolor), Subject, Colors, Emotions, etc.

2. Receive a Quote

Tatyana will contact you within 24-48 hours to review your request. After getting needed information, you’ll receive a detailed quote including cost and timeframe.

3. Artist Starts Your Commission

If you decide to move forward with the request, the artist begins your commission, and we help monitor the work as it is being completed. Upon completion, you a receive a fantastic, one-of-a-kind, custom work of art!

Special Offer

  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Custom Art
  • Oil on Canvas Sizes: 20 x 16 – 48 x 60″
  • Expiration: Aug 31st 2019
  • Limit 1 per customer

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Why Commission Custom Art

Peggy Guggenheim, Art Collector & Patron

You are sensitive and sophisticated and you love to harmonize your space to your unique lifestyle…

In your environment everything has a story and a beautiful memory. Whether luxury or rustic, classic or modern, every work of art in your living space is a Conversation Piece with a unique story, sourced and curated by you.
While the patron system of supporting artists has been gone for centuries, contemporary artists continue to count on local Collectors for their support. When you commission custom art, you are helping artists thrive to create more art and in turn support their local community.

Celebrity Portraits for American Icon Awards

And its apparent she’s well on her way. The California–based artist is known for her obsession with color, pop-culture icons and splendor, often incorporating natural elements in her paintings like coffee, tobacco, diamonds and gold. Fortunate to live in the art colony of Laguna Beach, just south of the Hollywood scene, her relationships with the film industry, celebrities and entrepreneurs allowed her to make a statement in the celebrity art world and establish herself as a top contemporary portrait painter.

She’s been asked to paint the portraits of the 2019 American Icon Awards ceremony nominees – Al Pacino, Evander Holyfield, Robert De Niro and Quincy Jones, that will be signed and sold at the auction to benefit the St. Jude Hospital. Read > How I became a Celebrity Portrait Artist

Creative Process

Tatyana’s creative process is fluid and intuitive, up until the last moment, everything could change. She works methodically and passionately, not settling until it feels perfect, some paintings taking years to complete. A prolific painter, similar to her master teachers, Tatyana has many paintings in progress, waiting for the inspiration to progress to the next step.  She uses quality professional oil paints, like Gamblin, Winsor & Newton and Da Vinci and favors Fredrix linen canvas. Tatyana was fortunate to learn directly from the great masters by making replicas at the National Gallery of Art, and has developed a glazing technique which gives her oil paintings luminosity and depth of color. What is unique about her works is the use of natural materials, from plants & feathers to diamonds & gold. Check out Tatyana’s Studio.

About the Artist

Tatyana Zen is a Russian-American visual artist, best known for her Celebrity Portraits. She has established herself as a contemporary portrait painter inspired by the Old Masters. Zen received 10 years of training in the Russian Realism tradition at the Crimea Art School. After earning a BS in Fashion Design from Moscow Academy of Design & Technology, she immigrated to the United States. Tatyana was fortunate to learn from the masters while being a copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Painting from close observation of the great masters like Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Diego Velazquez and Sargent allowed her to develop her own style.

Tatyana’s Imaginative Realism paintings fuse Pop Culture with Modern Spirituality rendering familiar subjects in a new provocative light. Using color, dramatic light, precious gemstones and exquisite glazing technique, her larger-than-life portraits dazzle and excite!

Read More > Tatyana Zen Biography