100% Money Back Satisfaction GuaranteeCustom Art Commissions make unique and elegant gifts, suited for any sophisticated collectors. From large scale impact pieces for commercial projects, to personal custom paintings for family bespoke collection, Tatyana welcomes your custom art commissions! Artwork created specifically for you is even more meaningful and can fit your exact specifications.


1. Email Your Request

Please email with the following information: Your Contact. Painting Size. Due Date- fast (1 month), normal (3 months), relaxed (6 months) or a specific date. Describe your idea – subject, colors, emotions, etc. Include reference and inspiration photos! EMAIL NOW

2. Receive a Quote

Tatyana will contact you within 24-48 hours to review your request and clarify your desires. After getting needed information, you’ll receive a detailed quote via email including cost and timeframe.

3. Artist Starts Painting

If you decide to move forward with the request, please submit your payment either online or by wire transfer. Tatyana will start working on your custom art and email you weekly updates. Upon completion, you will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom work of art!

Price Guidance

SIZE Inches PRICE US Dollars
16 x 20$2,800
24 x 24$3,600
30 x 40 $7,800
36 x 36$8,500
36 x 48$10,500
48 x 48$14,000
48 x 60$18,000

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You are sensitive and sophisticated and you love to harmonize your space to your unique lifestyle… In your environment everything has a story and a beautiful memory. Whether luxury or rustic, classic or modern, every work of art in your living space is a Conversation Piece, sourced and curated by you.

Interior Design Mockup of Tatyana’s painting