Images of Beautiful Women Celebrating Motherhood

Celebrating Motherhood with paintings of beautiful women, mothers & daughters

Pino Daeni (1939 – 2010) was an Italian-American book illustrator and artist. He is known for romantic sensual images of beautiful women, painted in loose Impressionistic style. One of the highest paid book illustrators of his time, he created over 3,000 book covers, movie posters and magazine illustrations.

Pino passed away in 2010, but he’s remembered as one of the great figurative artists of the 20th century. Indeed, his original work is highly sought after by Art Collectors. While his limited editions are selling everywhere, his originals are only available in few Art Galleries listed below, ranging from $36,000 to $150,000. I was fortunate to observe his original Mothers & Daughters piece up close at the Mainview Gallery in Arizona and create a replica of his painting.

I’ve painted a Mothers & Daughters Oil Replica measuring 24 x 30 inches and currently available at under $5,000.

Mothers & Daughters by Pino
Mothers & Daughters by Pino
Original Oil on Canvas, Size: 44″ x 60″
Available at Mainview Gallery, Price: $98,000

Mothers & Daughters Replica by Tatyana

If you have ever visited Phoenix Arizona, you’ve most likely enjoyed the Old Town area. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, its home to the best restaurants, shopping, and art galleries. While living in Arizona, I’ve visited the Mainview Gallery located in Old Town Scottsdale.

I have been long admiring beautiful paintings by my fellow artists Dale Terbush, Vidan (Pino’s nephew) and Alan Wolton. And there was one particular piece, endued with feminine energy and joy of motherhood that attracted me. It was Mothers & Daughters original oil by one of my favorites, Pino, an Italian Romantic Impressionist artist. I was fortunate to befriend the gallery owner, David Guglielmo, who kindly allowed me paint in the gallery to make a replica.

The original Mothers & Daughters original oil painting by Pino measures 44″ x 60″. I have decided to make my copy smaller and only paint a portion of the original painting.

Mothers & Daughters detail replica in oil by Tatyana Zen

Back in 2013 I painted a replica of Mothers & Daughters from close observation inside the Mainview Gallery. Entire process took 4 sessions, few hours each. It reminded me of my earlier years painting replicas of the Greatest Works of Art at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Using this training, it was easy to deconstruct the layers. Inspecting original from up close revealed that he painted it in just a few layers, with most work done ala-prima or wet on wet. As an illustrator he had to work fast, often finishing entire piece in few hours, all done by hand. Evidently, it became his signature style to dazzle with extremely vivid accent colors and to leave parts of his paintings unfinished, eluding to spontaneity with artistic flare.

About Romantic Impressionist Artist Pino

Pino Daeni was an Italian artist who is known for his amazing figurative paintings of women. The use of warm colors in a unique manner made his paintings exceptional. Some of his works characterize sunny beaches and flowery backgrounds. Pino is particularly good in capturing the exact emotions in the right manner. He is one of the best known Italian book illustrator who used Impressionist techniques. He had designed more than 3000 covers for books and magazines.

Most of his earlier works featured female subjects in colorful skirts and free flowing dresses. His technique is often considered subtle and simple. Pino Daeni paintings are of great demand in auctions and private sales. His famous works include: Remember When, Mystic Dreams, Morning Breeze, Love, First Glance, After Dinner and Anticipation.

Pino’s son, Max Dangelico, celebrates his father’s legacy, both as an illustrator and a fine artist. According to Max, many art lovers call his father the publishing industry’s “last great American illustrator. After Pino, it all went digital,” Dangelico says. “So my father was the last great illustrator that painted by hand, oil on board.

US Galleries Selling Paintings by Pino

Pino passed away in 2010, but he’s remembered as one of the great figurative artists of the 20th century. Subsequently, his original paintings have increased in value and are in greater demand among Art Collectors. You might be wondering where you can buy Pino’s original paintings. I came across a number of galleries in America offering original paintings of Pino. Specifically, now in 2020, you can buy Pino originals at Paragon Fine Art in New York & Los Angeles, Art Brokerage online gallery, The Art Shop in Greensboro, NC, Mainview Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and Park West Gallery in MI, FL and cruise ships.

Paragon Fine Art in New York & Los Angeles

Collect one-of-a-kind Pino originals while you’re in New York or Los Angeles. Whether you are in the market for limited edition Pino art prints or original paintings by the artist, you can buy them at Paragon Fine Art. Some of Pino’s originals currently for sale are: La Bonita 32″ x 50″ at $57,000 and Treasuring the Moment 30″ x 40″ at $49,65.

La Bonita by Pino
Original Painting, Oil on Canvas
Size: 32″ x 50″
Paragon Fine Art, Sale: $57,000

Park West Gallery – Michigan, Florida & Cruise Lines

Park West Gallery offers many of Pino’s original paintings for sale. It has locations in Detroit, Michigan and Miami, Florida. Also, Art Auctions at Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean cruise lines is another venues where they are offering artwork.

Vivian by Pino, 2009 Photo Courtesy Park West Gallery

The Art Shop – Greensboro, NC

The Art Shop in North Carolina has many original works by Pino including original oil paintings, sketches & limited editions on canvas.  Each pieces is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Mainview Gallery – Scottsdale, AZ

The Mainview Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ is located in the heart of Scottsdale’s Historical Arts District on Main Street. Stop by to see Pino’s originals, as well as other work by amazing artists like Dale Terbush, Vidan (Pino’s nephew) and Alan Wolton.

The beautiful Mothers & Daughters original oil painting by Pino is currently available for sale at the Mainview Gallery. It’s a fabulous original piece to add to your art collection! Alternatively, you can inquire about Tatyana’s oil replica of Pino custom made for you.

Other Images of Beautiful Women by Pino

How to Commission Painting like Pino

Contacting an artist might seem unconventional, However, any artist loves creating a work of art that gives happiness to someone. In fact, commissioning a Pino-like painting is very easy. Just fill out a quick form and provide your desired size, colors, and reference image. Pino painted primarily in mid to large scale sizes from 11″ x 14″ to 40″ x 60″, with his favorite size being 30″ x 40″. For example, see a couple of pricing options ranges based on size. (Source: Paragon Fine Art). Either email the artist to get a quote. Or, fill out a form on the Commissions page to get your own Pino-like painting by Tatyana Zen.

SizePino Original PriceReplica Price
20 x 24 ” $12,000$3,495
24 x 36 ” $39,000$5,975
30 x 40 “$50,000 – $75,000$8,350

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