Mothers & Daughters by Pino

Images of Beautiful Women Celebrating Motherhood

Celebrating Motherhood with paintings of beautiful women, mothers & daughters Pino Daeni (1939 – 2010) was an Italian-American book illustrator and artist. He is known for romantic sensual images of beautiful women, painted in loose Impressionistic style. One of the highest paid book illustrators of his time, he created over 3,000 book covers, movie posters … Read More

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, 1665

Paintings of Women that Shaped the World

10 Most Influential Paintings of Women The female body is one of the oldest and most commonly depicted motifs in visual arts. Few famous paintings of women had a profound influence on the world of art. Popular culture that graced them with remarkable fame and admiration to the current day. In this article, you will examine 10 … Read More

Kobe Bryant Original Painting by Tatyana Zen

Kobe Bryant Art Tribute

In this article you will follow my journey painting Kobe Bryant portrait. I started after the helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Millions of people around the world have been shocked by the sudden departure of the greatest NBA players of all time. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant is honored and will be remembered through … Read More

Tatyana Zen Art Studio Photo

How to Sharpen Your Creative Edge

Everyone wants to be creative but many people lack confidence and feel stuck in the old routine. The good news is, absolutely anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of fostering the right conditions to keep your creative edge sharp. Stay Hungry! Keep Experimenting! Stay hungry is one of Arnold’s famous sayings when it … Read More

Story behind Arnold Schwarzenegger Portrait

Portrait of Gratitude I absolutely love Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to me he’s more than a movie star. He’s inspired me to overcome depression and to turn what looked like a tragedy into my dream life! This portrait is my expression of gratitude to all teachers, and specifically to Arnold, who has inspired me to think … Read More

Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos on Classical Portraits

Classical portrait in oil step by step demonstration by contemporary classically-trained Cuban-American artist Cesar Santos. I found this 2015 article at The Artist’s Network, where Cesar Santos leads us step by step through his process of creating classical portraits in oil, in this case, a self portrait. Demonstration: Creating Classical Oil Portraits by Cesar Santos … Read More

Marilyn Monroe Original Painting by Tatyana Zen

How I Became a Celebrity Portrait Artist

Interview with Tatyana Zen April 2019 Who is Tatyana Zen? She’s a Russian-American contemporary painter inspired by the Old Masters. This talented female portrait artist on the rise is shooting for the stars, quite literally! Grateful to present her Celebrity Portraits at the American Icon Awards tribute honoring Al Pacino in May 2019, her career … Read More

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