5 Luxury Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Creating a luxury retreat in your own home may seem like an expensive and overwhelming task. You don’t have to live in the Scarface mansion or own a little giraffe. Opulent furniture and designer décor come are not the only way to make your living space lavish. A few inexpensive simple changes can make your home feel posh. Here’s Tatyana’s 5 Luxury Decorating Ideas on a modest budget.

1 Remove Clutter

The easiest and least expensive way to make a home look posh is to keep it cleaned. Dust and vacuum weekly, avoid clutter and your home will shine.  If you’re stuck, use this powerful feng shui powerful clearing system to help you gain your power back and bring energy of abundance in your home.

  • Identify all your clutter—it’s stealing your energy. If your rooms look OK on the surface but your garage or attic is a disaster, acknowledge it.
  • Declutter with a clear feeling that you want to bring to your home. Clutter is low and stagnant. You need to be the opposite to attack it.
  • Plan the time for your clutter cleaning sessions. Limit the first three sessions to no more than 30 minutes each. Plan a treat after every session.
  • Gather the supplies you need. Use three boxes and label them “In,” “Out” and “I Don’t Know.” You’ll also need a timer. Place the boxes close to your work area.
  • Pick up an item from your cluttered area and put it in one of the boxes. Repeat until your session time is up.
  • The In box stays in if you have space for each item. The Out box goes out to friends, charity or a garage sale. Close the I Don’t Know box and mark your calendar six months in the future. If you haven’t needed anything in the box in that time, give it away without opening it up.

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2 Bring More Light

Even designer homes may have boring light fixtures that lack personality. There is no need to shop the high-end lighting stores, try scouring a flea market or antique store for an affordable piece.  A beautiful crystal chandelier immediately creates posh designer look.  Bring more light into every room – add table lamps and floor lamps. Use Soft White, do not use LED light bulbs, as LED light is not bio-friendly (according to physicist Dan Winter) and are not cozy.

There is no need to shop the high-end lighting stores, try scouring a flea market or second hand store for a budget friendly piece.  A bargain found on a chandelier goes a long way toward creating that expensive designer inspired look.  The right one may even have your friends talking.  Add table lamps and floor lamps in each room, too. Lighting of any kind will also create an expensive look and feel.

3 Add a Conversation Piece

After eliminating clutter and bringing more light, one of the simplest ways to make your home memorable and unique is to source a one-of-a-kind art collection, with a special meaning to you. Every bedroom needs at least one large or several small pieces of artwork – use art as a focal point or the inspiration for your bedroom’s color scheme.

Going to your area’s galleries, art shows, going to Art Walks and meeting local emerging artists will give you an idea about your what kind of Conversation Piece you’d like to adorn your space. If you can’t afford your favorite original piece, ask the artist about giclee prints, that could be an alternative.

For example, imagine Tatyana’s artwork in your living space. Here are some inspirational ideas for designing with Tatyana’s original paintings or Limited Edition prints.

4 Luxury Finishes

We all want to have our homes look like that of high end professionally decorated mansions. These simple finishes will add luxury feel.

For very little money, crown molding applied to the walls provides richness to the space. Overstuffed throw pillows are always a fabulous accessory for your sofa or chairs. Select highest quality curtains and hang them close to the ceiling for illusion of height. Replace standard hardware finishes with more decorative and unique. Beautiful door knobs, shelves and plumbing hardware could be found at antique stores and flea markets. While wall-to-wall carpet is soft and warm under foot, it is does not lend itself to a lavish look and gets worned out quickly.

Explore the option of real or imitation hardwood flooring. Chose dark wood that adds richness to the space, and paint the interior doors black or same color.

5 Tie together with Accents

Decorative accents bring warmth and charm. Simple objects like plants, bedding, blankets, window treatments, pillows and rugs add color, texture and patterns. You can layer a beautiful area rug on top of the wood flooring to anchor the room and tie design elements together. Consider displaying collectables, candles, statues and ceramics that harmonizes with art and colors.
When choosing accessories, make sure they have meaning to you and don’t forget to mix color, texture, and size for an eye-catching display. 

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