Kobe Bryant Art Tribute

In this article you will follow my journey painting Kobe Bryant portrait. I started after the helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Millions of people around the world have been shocked by the sudden departure of the greatest NBA players of all time. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant is honored and will be remembered through history. On the personal level Kobe had a deep impact on my life after his transition.

Painting Video

I started painting as soon as I heard the news. After a couple of weeks, this portrait emerged… The acrylic painting on canvas measures 3 by 4 feet, embellished with gold leaf, which adds intensity to the portrait. Confident & focused, Kobe’s gaze seems to follow your eyes, as if anticipating your next move.

I felt deep compassion toward those who be left behind, especially his wife, his daughters and his parents I felt them must be heartbroken, at that point I felt that the right thing to do was to gift it to those he loved the most. So, I’ve decided to Gift it to the Bryant Family.

Here’s progress photos to document my journey of creating this art tribute painting to the Legend.

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