Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos on Classical Portraits

Classical portrait in oil step by step demonstration by contemporary classically-trained Cuban-American artist Cesar Santos. I found this 2015 article at The Artist’s Network, where Cesar Santos leads us step by step through his process of creating classical portraits in oil, in this case, a self portrait. Demonstration: Creating Classical Oil Portraits by Cesar Santos … Read More

Marilyn Monroe Original Painting by Tatyana Zen

How I Became a Celebrity Portrait Artist

Interview with Tatyana Zen April 2019 Who is Tatyana Zen? She’s a Russian-American contemporary painter inspired by the Old Masters. This talented female portrait artist on the rise is shooting for the stars, quite literally! Grateful to present her Celebrity Portraits at the American Icon Awards tribute honoring Al Pacino in May 2019, her career … Read More

Roberto Ferri Kiss

Roberto Ferri Italian Artist Inspired by Old Masters

Roberto Ferri (born 1978) is an Italian figurative artist and painter from Taranto, Italy, who is deeply inspired by Baroque painters and other old masters of Romanticism, the Academy, and Symbolism. Ferri is particularly inspired by the works of Caravaggio and the Academy (including Anne-Louis Girodet, Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Louis Theodore Gericault, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, … Read More

John Currin Thanksgiving

John Currin Exploring Sexual Taboos

John Currin uses classical painterly techniques to portray highly charged social and sexual taboos. With inspirations as diverse as Old Master portraits, pinups, pornography, and B movies, he paints ideational, challengingly perverse images of women, from lusty nymphs to dour matrons. Consistent throughout his work is the search for the point at which the beautiful … Read More

President Obama Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley

Time has released its annual “Time 100” list, which brings together a group of the most influential artists, leaders, and pioneers each year. The 2018 list includes several notable members for the world of art and architecture. Among those who appear on the list is Kehinde Wiley, the artist who painted the official portrait of … Read More

Heisler Park Laguna Beach live painting

Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, stretching along the bluffs from the Main Beach to Diver’s Cove, Heisler Park is a pleasure to visit, offering walking trails, gardens, a marine refuge with tide pools, picnic tables, barbecues, lawn bowling greens. The most popular park sites are the Gazebo and Monument Point. The views are … Read More

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