Large Scale Art

Make your home or office environment a perfect reflect the Grand Scale of your life’s dream! Instantly transform large walls in your home or office with our Large Scale Art Collection. Browse our Grand Scale Art collection that includes artwork equal or larger than 48” in either side.

Enveloping the viewer and dominating interior spaces, large scale paintings create an impact. Artists and their patrons have utilized size to display power and prestige to impress their audiences. In 18th century Europe, history painting was considered to be the most important genre, above portraiture, still life, and landscape, and thus was executed on bigger canvases by artists like Jacques-Louis David and Benjamin West. Inspired by their the large-scale public murals for the Work Progress Administration (WPA)abstract expressionist artists like Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner painted on large scale canvases that could take up entire walls, interpreted by some to represent the freedom of American expression.