Luxury Art Collection

Luxury Art Collection of oil, acrylic & mixed media artwork. Truly one-of-a-kind unique artwork exquisitely hand-embellished with genuine gemstones and gold leaf. The acquisition of art is a great symbol of success. As you do not need art to survive, and it is a pleasure of the mind rather than the body, spending your income on art is an announcement that you are both prosperous and sensitive to culture. So, why buy Fine Art? Buy Luxury Art! From real diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires to Swarovski crystals and glitter, check out Embellishments Materials that make the Luxury Art Collection so exclusive!

Art Collecting Today

The acquisition of expensive and decorative arts has historically been perceived as a luxury only afforded to Royalty. Determined to maintain an affluent lifestyle and project refined taste, collecting art is a priority for affluent society. What was once a niche trade overwhelmingly based in the United States and Western Europe has expanded into a global industry bound up with luxury, fashion, and celebrity. Where previously this was American industrialists or European diamond speculators, the list of present-day art collectors represents a cross- section of contemporary high society, from oil-rich Middle East Royalty to forward-looking multinational corporations. 

“When I started out, 30 years ago, millionaires had boats and jets—but didn’t necessarily have any art at all,” Thomas Seydoux, the former chairman of Impressionist and Modern art at Christie’s tells Adam. “For the very wealthy today, it’s not fine not to be interested in art.” 

“More art being produced and sold than ever before”, according to the art market reporter Georgina Adam. Artists, galleries, and auction houses attempt to keep up with the demand of a new class of international “UHNWIs,” Ultra High Net Worth Individuals attracted by the lure of profit and prestige.

Luxury Decorating Ideas

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Gold Leaf History

Reproduction of the Athena Parthenos

Gold leaf history started with the use of gold leaf in sculpture or painting and dates back to Egypt. Gold leaf was mainly used for decorating the rooms in the pyramids.

At the time of ancient Greece, gold leaf was mainly used to decorate statues. The most famous of these are the chryselephantine statues, made of ivory and gold leaf.

From 400 AD gold leaf adorned manuscripts all over the Byzantine Empire. These works included decorations, such as initials, borders and miniatures, often made with gold or silver leaf.

In the sacred paintings of the time, the sky was made using gold leaf, and this was called “gold-ground” painting; this technique reached its height around 1300, first in Italy and the Byzantine Empire, and then other European countries. Especially popular application for gold leaf was that in halos of religious art.

The Kiss 1907–08 by Gustav Klimt

During the 1800s, gold leaf history arrived at a turning point and underwent a new fashionable period in sculpture. An example of this new trend is the statue of Joan of Arc, created by Emmanuel Frémiet in 1874.

In the world of modern painting, painters used gold leaf to decorate and embellish. Of these artists, the most famous is undoubtedly Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). During his “golden phase”, he created a series of paintings with gold leaf and reached the pinnacle of his success.

Gold Leaf Modern Use

Kobe Bryant Original Painting
Kobe Bryant portrait by Tatyana Zen, 2020

In modern times, the usage of gold is unlimited – art, sculpture, cosmetics, and even food. In 2008, Marc Quinn created a gold statue called Siren, depicting the model Kate Moss as a modern Aphrodite.

Contemporary artists use paint and gold leaf together to emphasise the subject, creating dramatic effects. Tatyana has been incorporating gold leaf into many of her paintings, especially Celebrity Portraits. For example, Kobe Bryant portrait embellished with gold, dazzles and excites.